Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Hot bright lips for Spring 2015

Bright lips and spring go together like cookies and milk or at least they do so to me. In order to celebrate the beginning of spring, my favorite time of the year I pulled out 6 of my favorite shades that I am sure will get plenty of use over the following months.

Maybelline ColorSensational Vivids “Vivid Rose” 
If you were not able to get MAC “party parrot” and are intrested in a dupe for it, this one is the way to go. Only downside? I am not a fan of the smell of the Maybelline lipsticks because they remind me of playdoh, so I always have to wear a gloss on top but if you don´t mind that definitely check this one out. 

MAC "Party Parrot" (LE) 
“Party Parrot” was a limited edition shade that came out in 2013. I absolutely fell in love with it since the first time I have worn this lipstick. The color payoff is amazing and due to the matt finish the color lasts forever on your lips. No, seriously I only need to touch up twice a day (maybe even three times) when I wear this. I also believe, that although matt shades tend to have a drying formula, this one doesn´t feel as drying as other ones I have tried. To keep my lips nourished I just apply a bit of lip balm between uses. 

Catrice “Picadilly Circus” 
The first Catrice lipstick I have ever purchased. I discovered my love for bright lips with this lipstick, a lot of memories here. The great thing about this shade is that you can wear it sheer or layer it to get a more intense result. 

Maybelline “175 Pink Punch” 
An impulse buy at the drugstore when it was 25% off. Same as with the Maybelline “Vivid” I don´t like the smell, but the color is amazing. 

Catrice Lipstick “Charleston Fame” (LE) 
This was also a limited edition shade that came out two years ago during Christmas. I am really happy I ended up buying this shade, especially because I as about not to. Apart from the beautiful color I love the smell of this lipstick. It has a flowery, perfumy scent that it very subtly. I honestly could smell this forever. A big plus for me, this one barely runs into my lip lines. 

Catrice Lip Colour Pen "I got a flower" (LE) 
Last but not least, the Catrice lip pencil is a lipstick I kind had lying in my drawer for a while but I really enjoy the lightweight formula, color payoff and the subtle blueish undertones this one has to offer.

What is your favorite bright lipstick? Any recommendations?


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