Saturday, 16 January 2016

Project: Pan those Nail Polishes III

A year has gone by since I first started my project polish and I cannot believe the process I have made and the things I learned along the way. But before sharing with you my experiences let me start by giving you a quick and final update on my numbers. 

Over the last 4 months I specifically picked up some polishes out of my collection that I wanted to work on and I was able to finish up 3 of them. I kind of wish that it would be more but the way I see every empty bottle counts, so I am happy.

All in all I was able to finish a yearly total of 21 bottles, which is 3 more nail polishes than in 2014. Yeay!

I can´t help but to feel a little bit proud of myself. I don’t think I have ever used up that many nail polishes in year yet along in my life. While I have to admit that I also bought some as well, especially at the beginning of the year, I am quite happy to see where my collection is at the moment. There is still a long way to go until I reach my ideal number but I have learned some valuable lessons such as: how long it takes me to finish up a nail polish bottle, what colors I like to wear and which ones I don’t and most importantly that I do not need 30 variations of literally the same shade. Even though it might be tempting, I feel that I know make more conscious purchases and I find it easier to say “no” and don´t pick up a nail polish.  Well at least try to not do so ;-)

Having said that I also need to mention that my love for nail polishes remains to same. I know that I own more than an average person probably should and I can say with certainty that I will always have more as well. But that’s ok, the purpose of my project polish was  to narrow my collection down to shades, textures and effects I know that I enjoy using and have fun with the polishes I already own. At some point last year I was feeling a bit overwhelmed because I was buying so many bottles but wasn’t really using them and that is something I wanted to change. It was not necessarily done only to reduce the size but to actually find out what I liked and I didn’t and become more aware of my buying habits.
I will definitely be doing another project polish this year. This year I will select a couple nail polishes and share with you my progress, but more on that on my next “Confessions of a Nail Polish Addict” post.

Until then,
Good luck on your project polish!
Old total: 236
Used up: 3
Decluttered: 4
New total: 229


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