Tuesday, 12 April 2016

NotW: Maybelline "Tropink"

Finally spring has arrived and in order to celebrate such a joyous occasion I decided to dig out Maybelline“Tropink“. I absolutely loved this limited edition polish and was so happy I was able to get my hands on them before it was sold out. Trust me it was not easy. “Tropink” is a really nice bright pink color, perfect for summer and spring.

How to recreate this design:

1. Apply to coats of Maybelline “Tropink”

2. Once the polish has completely dried, stamp a flowery design on it. (I can’t remember where I got my stamping plate from, but I believe it was eBay)

3. Apply one coat of top coat and while this is still wet apply light green rhinestone and slightly press them on to your nails. I would recommend to do this nail by nail, as otherwise your top coat might dry before you have a chance to apply the rhinestones.

4. Add a second layer of your favorite top coat to secure your rhinestones and voilà, you´re done!

I hope you enjoyed this design!


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