Thursday, 1 September 2016

The Nail Polish Guide: “Essence”

A couple of weeks ago I shared my experiences with Essie Nailpolishes, today I want to talk about Essence. The brand updates their permanent range twice a year and every month they launch new limited edition shades. Naturally there are hundreds of polishes that all vary in packing, size and of course color. Keeping track might therefore be a bit challenging. However I love how experimental and creative the brand is. They are constantly launching new formulas and finishes. From matt to metallic over to gel and glitter (I have even seen and formulas that change according to heat) there is a bit of everything. Being priced under 2 Dollars // 2 Euros // 2 Pounds they are really affordable which is great because it allows you to pick up a polish and test whether you like a particular formula or color on you without braking the bank.

In terms of quality there might  be an occasional black sheep’s among their range, but I feel that is more of an exception rather than a rule. Especially over the years the overall quality has improved a lot. So far I have been very pleased with Essence nail polishes and with the right top and a base coat my manicure lasts for days without any problems.
Click here, here and here for of NotW inspirations using Essence nail polishes.
What are your favorite Essence shades?


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