Thursday, 5 January 2017

Finale project polish 2016

I can’t believe the year is over. This means that my project polish has also come to an end and looking at those empty bottles in front of me I have to admit I am quite happy with the results.

In 2016 I ended up using 13 nail polishes, which is less than last year (you can read about it here) however as I only purchased 10 nail polishes I actually managed to minimize my nail polish collection this year. I also did some decluttering and got rid of 10 nail polishes that just didn’t work out for me, leading to a grand total of 216 nail polishes. My goal for 2017 might be getting my collection down to 200.

Overall I chose to work on nail polishes that I like. If the formula doesn’t work out for me or the color just doesn’t look good I will probably give the polish to someone else or throw it away. I see no point in forcing myself to use up something I simply don’t enjoy, especially having so many nail polish bottles around.

Overall I am sooo thrilled with the results, never would I have imagined only buying ten nail polishes being so passionate about them (two years ago I bought 50!). I think I was more selective this year and tried to only buy polishes that had a special color, plus most of them were on sale as well which made the purchase even more tempting.

I am still on defense whether to do another project polish this year or if I give myself a little break without focusing on specific shades. I will still do my best to use some polishes up, because I want to work towards a smaller collection. Perhaps I will come up with a similar project. Any suggestions?

If you are curious about my thoughts with regards towards the individual nail polishes you can read more about it here, here and here.

Are you planning on doing a project polish this year?
If so let me know, I would love to read about it!


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