Thursday, 17 August 2017

Monthly Empties: August 2017

Finally I am back! I feel it has been ages (probably because it has!) since I have been able to sit down and write a post. I missed blogging so much, but life kept me busy during th elast couple months so I wasn´t able to blog. Anyway what better way to rekindle my blogging love flame than with an empties post. Hope you enjoy!

Balea Cleaning Oil // will repurchase
Please find a detailed review here
Imperial Leather “Nourishing Shea & Orange” foamburst // would repurchase
I absolutely love this shower foam. It is without a doubt the best foam I have tried out, especially considering the price. The foam is super soft yet thick enough which makes the handling very easy under the shower. Rituals foam comes out very runny almost like water, making me probably lose half of it under the shower. The Imperial leather comes ou as a gel making application just so much easier. The Shea & Orange scent was nice, not too intense. The perfect little luxurious treat under the shower.
Dove “Winter Care” LE shower gel // would repurchase
I love dove shower gels. I am quite picky when it comes to shower gel as I have dry skin. Therefore I am always looking for shower gels that provide some sort of moisture. In the end I always go back to these. The scent was fresh and creamy. Perfect for winter. PS: I was amazed how long I could smell the scent on my skin! Big thumbs up!

SYOSS “Invisible Hold” Hairspray // might repurchase
I mainly use hairspray when I curl my hair. Therefore I like a spray that is easy to brush out - when I am going for my second day curls - yet is able to make them stay in place. This was good but nothing special.

Dove “Advanced Oxygen” shampoo & conditioner // will not repurchase
They were good but I don’t think they did anything special for my hair. Just a regular shampoo and conditioner therefore I won’t repurchase.

Dove “Verbena and Pomegranate” deodorant // will not repurchase
I love the scent in the shower gel, as a deodorant I am not so sure. I think there are better ones out there. If you want to try a Dove deodorant, try the cucumber scented over this one.

What are your empties?


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