Friday, 26 December 2014

Update 2: Finish 6 by Xmas

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Double drum roll please.... after about 2 months I managed to finish 5 out of my 6 products and I am very happy about it! As I anticipated before I wasn´t able to finish my Bobbi Brown gel eyeliner in "Espresso" but I will keep working on it until it is done.

Bobbi Brown tinted moisturizer
It was the wrong shade for me and to be honest I realized that I prefer foundations over tinted moisturizers due to the coverage and lasting power. I am more than thrilled to have finished this because I have been working on using it up for about a year.Bobbi

Brown gel eyeliner in "Espresso"
I really like the Bobbi Brown gel Eyeliners because to me they have the perfect consistency (not too liquid and not to dry) and the color pay-off is very rich. Plus they last forever on my waterline, better than any eye pencil I have tried. While I like this dark brown color I think I prefer black, so I will (re)purchase that one the next time.

Maybelline the eraser concealer in "fair"
This is the wrong shade for me which is why I won´t repurchase this exact bottle. However I do love this drugstore concealer in the shade "light". It has a medium coverage, works great underneath the eyes and lasts quite well thrughout the day. It is definitely worth checking it out if you haven´t already.

Urban Decay original primer potion (travel size)

Works great on my oily eyelids and I can´t imagine my life without it. I want to try out some drugstore eye shadow bases to see if there is something that comes close to this base. I can definitely see myself repurchasing it in the future. Especially because this little travel size lasted me about 6 months.

Catrice lip liner in "rosewood"
It was a good lip liner. I just don´t reach out for nude/rose lip liners so I don´t think I will be repurchasing this one or any other nude/rose lip liner in the future. I noticed that it did prolong the wear of my lipstick and it didn´t try out my lips like some others tend to do.
Urban Decay lip gloss (sample) in "Naked"
I really liked the minty taste; unfortunately after using it consistently it seemed to be drying out my lips. I don´t think These are available anymore but if they were I don´t think I would repurchase it.

How did you do on your "Finish 6 by Xmas" products ?

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