Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Monthly Empties: November 2014

Another month has past which means another empties post is due. So let´s get started.

Aquafresh mouth wash // 500ml // £2
I like my mouth wash to have a strong mint flavor. So far my favorite, are Listerine mouthwashes, because they have exactly that. Every now and then though I like to try other ones, which is why I bought this Aquafresh one. While this mouthwash did a good job I have to say I still prefer the Listerine one over it, because the taste is stronger. Therefore I won´t be repurchasing it. However if you like a milder mint taste to your mouthwash, this might be a good candidate for you. 

Nivea happy time shower gel // 250ml // £1-2
Nivea shower gels are one of my favorites out there. They smell amazing, foam up nicely and I do really feel that they are moisturizing, compared to other shower gels I´ve tried. This particular one smelled like fresh squeezed oranges, perfect for a wake me up in the shower. 

Pantene Pro-V 3 Minute deep conditioning // 200ml // £2
I am really sad this conditioner is empty. This used to be my favorite deep conditioning treatments when I was in High School. Unfortunately they discontinued it a couple of years ago and I can no longer buy it, otherwise I would in a heartbeat. Soap and Glory 

Body sugar crush buttercream // 300ml // £10,50
This smells exactly like a lemon pie, amazing! I you haven´t smelled it, go now! No, honestly, I don´t really get so excited over a smell but this one really made me jump up and down the store. On top of smelling really good, it also did a great job at moisturizing my skin. The body cream has a nice consistency, it´s not too thick or thin, so it is easy to rub into your skin. I will definitely be repurchasing this one. 

Soap and Glory body sugar crush scrub // 300ml // £8
The body scrub smells exactly like the body butter. While I clearly love the scent I wasn´t too impressed of the peeling effect. I wish it felt more sugar alike, like fine grains. The scrub is very thick, so it´s very hard to rub the product onto your skin. I always felt I was wasting the product because half of it would land on my skin and the other half in my tub. I won´t be repurchasing this one, sadly. 

Essence nail polish remover // 100ml // £1-2
A good nail polish remover for little money, definitely a repurchase candidate. 

Essence stamp polish "white" // 5ml // £1.50
My favorite white stamping polish. I mentioned it in my "nail essentials post" if you want more details. 

Essence nail polish corrector // 4,5ml // £2.50
I always have one of these at home. It´s perfect to clean up the edges of your nails. Neadless to say I already repurchased one. 

L´Oreal Triple Action moisturizer // 50ml // £4
It was a good moisturizer, but it didn´t do anything amazing. As I want to try other ones, I won´t be repurchasing it anytime soon but I might in the future.
What did you use up lately?

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