Wednesday, 4 March 2015

BUY or SKIP? MAC Dazzleglass Creme


Price: ~ £17,50 // ~ €19,50 // ~ $20,00

Shade: “Soft Dazzle” Limited Edition

Content: 3ml

Available at: MAC counters or online



If you like sparkly lip glosses this is a definitive BUY!
After the lip gloss has worn off, you will see some golden glitter remaining on your lips if you don´t mind that, BUY! If you do, SKIP!

If you want to get a great value for money then you should SKIP this product. £5,83 // €6,50 // $6,60 for 1ml is ridiculous! As a reference you pay ~£2,90 // ~€3,60// ~ $3,00 per 1ml for a normal MAC tinted lip glass. A great (and cheaper) alternative are MAC Lipgelees they have 15ml! and are just as glittery, less expensive and leave no glitter residue on your lips.

If you want a smooth and easy application, SKIP. My brush applicator has hairs pointing in pretty much every direction. Furtermore as the texture is quite thick I have to be fairly careful when applying it.

Would you BUY or SKIP MAC Dazzleglass cremes?


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