Wednesday, 3 June 2015

MAC "Blue Brown" Pigment

"Blue Brown" by MAC is one of those pigments that you will probably come across sooner or later because of the popularity of this shade. It’s a very unique reddish brown duo-chrome with blue/green reflects that is availble in their permanent range.

I really like how versatile "Blue Brown" can be as depending on the base you use it will bring out the brown or the green in it. It’s very easy to create a one shadow look with this pigment too which is my favorite way of wearing it. Just apply a green or black base and then apply blue brown all over the lid blending it out to the crease.
If you are not into pigments but like the color you might want to try out "Club" by MAC as it has a similar brown/green duochrome. 

What do you think about "Blue Brown"?


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