Sunday, 5 July 2015

Monthly Empties: The Make-up Edition

This month I decided to sharewith you some Make-up empties. Thruth be told that finishing make-up products takes me longer than other beauty related items. Some of these items I have been working on for the past six months. Anyway lets jump right into it.

Catrice Liquid eyeliner “Dating Joe Black” // will repurchase
My favorite liquid eyeliner as it is super easy to draw a cat eye wing with it. It has a rather matt finish and stays put pretty much all day. I will continue to repurchase this time and time again.

Revlon “150 Buff” Colorstay Foundation // will repurchase
A great foundation that has an amazing staying power and is light enough for me. This is the second bottle I have bought and I sure it won´t be the last. I wish it would come with a pump though to make the application easier. Downside is that I noticed it kind of stained my brushes, making it harder for me to get them squeaky clean.

Bobbi Brown Gel eyeliner “Espresso” // might repurchase
Find the review here.

Essence translucent fixing powder // might repurchase
I bought this powder ages ago because I read somewhere that you can use fixing powder to make your lipstick last longer but I never really used that for it. As the packaging takes up quite some room in my makeup collection I wanted to use it up. I normally tend to go for pressed powder but I have to say I was quite happy with this one which is why I would consider repurchasing it. Just not in the near future as I have plenty of other powder to do through.

MAC LE “Way to love” Lipstick // won´t repurchase
This was the first MAC lipstick I bought and have used up. It was a pretty everyday pinky blue shade that I am glad to see go because I have plenty of these colors and I must say I prefer everyday nude colors over pink ones.

Alverde eyebrow gel // won´t repurchase
This used to be an all-time favorite but somehow this time it felt kind of wet. I am trying out the Catrice one at the Moment and being one Euro cheaper than the Alverde at the same quality I believe I won´t be repurchasing this one.

Catrice “005 light” Light Reflecting Concealer // won´t repurchase
I wanted to try out a highlighting concealer that wasn’t too expensive. The shade was good as it was light enough but I was only able to use it like 10-15 times. I don´t really think it is worth the money. I might just go get a really light concealer and use that for highlighting instead of this one.
Essence black Eyeliner // would repurchase
I think they discontinued this eyeliner which is unfortunate because it had a really nice creamy consistency and worked really well to line my upper lash line.

Catrice “Starlight Espresso” Eye shadow // might repurchase
I used this to fill in my eyebrows and it worked well. Currently I am using a Mac eye shadow. After that one is finished I might repurchase this one.

Essence “I love Stage” Eye shadow Base // won´t repurchase
As an eye shadow base it worked perfectly but this was way way too orange on me. Every time I put it on my lids I used NYX “Milk” Eyeshadow pencil to conceal the color. I wouldn´t repurchase it which is a shame because other than that the product was great, especially for the money paid 

Total: 79,50 Euros (~95 Dollars // ~63 Pounds) 

What make-up products have you used up recently?


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