Thursday, 14 July 2016

Monthly Empties: Project Pan Edition II

Make-up empties are one of favorites posts I like to read and write about. I like empties post in general because you get a more detailed impression whether somebody likes a product or not and whether they would repurchase it.
I have been working on these make-up empties for a couple of months as a part of my project pan for 2016 (would you like more details about that?). So without further ado let´s get right into it..
1. Catrice liquid camouflage concealer in “010 Porcelain” // would repurchase
find a review here

2. Catrice eyeshadow in “Oh its Toffeeful” // would repurchase
Another all-time favorite of mine. This is the perfect shimmery “caramel fudge” shade and I am sad to it go. Luckily I have one more back-up left.

3. P2 highlighter in “High beam” // would repurchase
Amazing! I loved this drugstore highlighter. It is very finely milled and the glow looks amazing on the skin. Once I have finished some others I will definitely repurchase it.

4. Catrice Eyebrow pencil in "Date with Ash-ton" // would repurchase
In the past I debated whether I should repurchase this pencil or not. As you can see I have because the color matches my brows well and overall it works for me. I wish Catrice would bring out a eyebrow pencil with a finer tip, similar to the Anastisia Beverly Hills one, I´d be buiyng that immediatly!

5. L´OREAL Million Lashes mascara // would repurchase
This is my holy grail mascara. I absolutly love it! It gives my lashes volume and length. Perhaps I should try out the waterproof version next time. What do you think? Have you tried that one out? 

6. Catrice Liquid Eyeliner in "Dating Joe Black // would repurchase
My favorite liquid eyeliner from the drugstore!

7. Maybelline black gel liner pencil // might repurchase
Did I like this product? Yes. Do I think it is worth the money? No. I loved the very fine tip and the creamy rich black color. Unfortunately after about a month of using it every day it was used up. Having spend 7 dollars for it, I don´t think it offers an amazing value for money.

8. Revlon Colorstay Whipped foundation in "150 Buff" // might repurchase
find a review here

9. H&M Lipgloss in "Nude Dude" // won´t repurchase
A sheer lipgloss with a nice vanilla scent, however nothing special so I won´t be repurchasing it.

10. Rival de Loop Eyeshadow base (pot) // won´t repurchase
I prefer the tube version a lot better than this pot. This one leaves a sheen on your lids, which I personally didn´t like. I won´t be repurachsing it.

Have you finished some make-up products recently? If so would you buy them again?

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