Friday, 25 March 2016

MAC "Gift O’ Glamour" Pigment

“Gift O’ Glamour” was a part of MAC´s “Warm Thrillseekers” holiday limited edition set back in 2010. I would describe it as a pinky champagne with frosted shimmer. It seems to be a softer/cooler version of Tan pigment by MAC.

The pigment itself is very blendable, long lasting with almost no fallout. I have admit I have neglected it in the past but after swatching it around I surely will be digging this out of my drawer more often.

How do you like “Gift O’ Glamour” Pigment?

Sunday, 13 March 2016

BUY or SKIP: Catrice „All Matt Plus“ Foundation

Price: 6,50 Euro // 9 Dollars

Content: 30ml

Range: 4-5 shades (Europe: currently 4 shades // US: currently 5 shades)  

Available: At the drugstore

If you want an creamy, easy to blend, lightweight foundation and a good value for money, BUY

If you are looking for a light to medium coverage you should BUY. If you are looking for a full-coverage foundation please SKIP

If you have yellow toned fair skin, BUY. If you have a darker or rosy tone complexion you might want to SKIP. Unfortunately the range is pretty small which is why finding the right shade might be pretty tricky. 

If you have problems with dry patches or generally dry skin ..SKIP! The foundation has the habit of accentuating dry areas. 

If you are looking for a satin-matt finish, BUY! If you want a complete matt look, SKIP

If you are looking for a long wearing foundation, SKIP! If you are fine with the foundation fading after about 6-8hours BUY(Note that the fading is not patchy or flakey)

PLUS POINTS: I am not really sure whether having a pump dispenser is a SKIP or BUY criteria but is definitely a big plus point! I prefer foundations that have a pump, because it makes application so much easier.

Will you BUY or SKIP the Catrice “All Matt Plus” Foundation?


Wednesday, 9 March 2016

MAC "Gold Mode" Pigment

“Gold Mode” was a part of MAC´s limited edition holiday set “Warm Thrillseekers” back in 2010. I would describe "Golde Mode" as a cool toned tan/peachy golden shade. Opposite to most golden colors it has more bronze/mauve undertones rather than yellow ones. While it looks very similar to “Jardin Aires” pigment, “Gold Mode” reminds me more of a lighter version of “Woodwinked” eyeshadow from MAC.

If you are not a shimmer & sparkle lover you probably will not enjoy this pigment as it has plenty of micro-glitters in it. It turns out very metallic on the lid. Overall the pigment is very blendable, finely milled and easy to apply due to this smooth texture. I love to pair it with reddish browns and plumps on the crease.

How do you like MAC "Gold Mode" Pigment?


Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Project Polish 2016 - Bring it on!

New year, new project, new luck? Well at least I am up for the challenge!

Last year was a big eye opener. I learned a lot about my nail polish buying habits as well as my preferences regarding colors and finishes (you can read all about it here). While my collection slightly increased (from 215 to 229) I feel that considering that my growing rate per year was 50+ I did not do so bad. At least that how I decided to look at it. I still have a long way to go until I reach my ideal number, but let’s face it, nail polish is my passion and this is not a race but rather a marathon.

Finishing up a nail polish bottle, evokes a sense of accomplishment and it honestly feels amazing getting all your money’s worth out of a product and bringing me closer to my goal of reducing my numbers (I am thinking 200 by 2017?). This is why, after taking two months off, I will continue with my project polish. These are the shades I decided to focus on over the next couple of months.

"The chosen” ones are:

H&M "Red"
Ciate “Play Date”
Max Factor “Fantasy Fire”
Sally Hansen “Mademoiselle”
Essie “Lovie Dovie”
Essence LE "Dessert Fox“
Essie “Playa del Platinum”

Wish me luck!
Are you also joining the challenge?