Monday, 29 June 2015

NotW: Essie "Cocktails & Coconuts"

Personally I loved how this designed turned out (especially because I wasn´t too sure about it in the making). I really like how the coral gives the quite neutral design a bit of an edge and the lace makes it look a whole lot more elegant.

How to recreate this design:

1. Apply two coats of Essie “Cocktails and Coconuts”.
2. Take a coral nail polish like “Kiko 360" and paint one strip in the middle of your nails. If you want the lines to be really sharp, take some adhesive and use it as a stencil. While the nail polish is still drying slowly and carefully remove the tape.
3. Once the nail polish has completely dried (and I mean completely dried) take your lace stickers and cut the desired length (mine are from Essence but unfortunately I don´t know the name). Then place it them around the coral line.
4. Apply a coat of your favorite top coat and voila.. you are done!

 How do you like this design?


Sunday, 21 June 2015

Drugstore Haul #3

Nivea “Hawaii flower & Oil” Shower Gel 
Last summer I got the “Sunny Melon & Oil” shower gel and I really liked it. Now I wanted to give the “Hawaii flower and Oil” a shot. The scent is very fresh making it perfect for summer. 

Dove “Youthful Vitality” Shampoo & Conditioner
I got these two a while ago because they were on sale. I haven’t tried them out yet but I am curious to see how they will be like.

Dove “Pomegranate & Verbena” body lotion
The “Pomegranate & Verbena” scent is my favorite one out of the Dove line (although the “Mandarin & Tiare Flower” one smells amazing too). I never tried out a Dove body lotion but I am sure I won’t be disappointed with this one.

L´Oreal EverRiche Nourishing intensive mask
I got these two at Sainsburry when they were on sale for 2 pounds! I real steal considering they retail for double and even triple as much. I like the shampoo and conditioner from that series because they leave my hair feeling super soft and smooth. Hopefully the hair mask will be just as good.

Rexona invisible “aqua” deodorant
The Rexona invisible deodorant used to be my favorite deodorant back in my teenage years. I used to buy it year after year and I can´t quite remember why I stopped so I am giving this one another chance and see if I like it as much as I used to.

What have you bought from the drugstore lately?


Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Coralicious nail polishes for summer!

Besides teal nails I love wearing coral nail polishes over summer as it flatters my skin tone beautifully and let´s face it they just scream summer sun and fun :-) I pulled out some of my favorites shades that I would like to share with you.

1. Sally Hansen "Temptation"
2. Kiko "360"
3. Essie "Sunday Funday"
4. L`Oreal "208"
5. Rimmel "845 Sunny Side"

What is your favorite shade?


Wednesday, 10 June 2015

MAC "Silver Fog" Pigment

"Silver Fog" was a limited edition shade that came out about three years ago in a MAC holiday collection set. I honestly don´t find that this is a must have shade. MAC “Electra” eye shadow is very similar and MAC pigment in “Silver” also seems to be a dupe, so if you are interested ina silver shade, you might wat to check those out.

What do you think about "Silver Fog"?


Wednesday, 3 June 2015

MAC "Blue Brown" Pigment

"Blue Brown" by MAC is one of those pigments that you will probably come across sooner or later because of the popularity of this shade. It’s a very unique reddish brown duo-chrome with blue/green reflects that is availble in their permanent range.

I really like how versatile "Blue Brown" can be as depending on the base you use it will bring out the brown or the green in it. It’s very easy to create a one shadow look with this pigment too which is my favorite way of wearing it. Just apply a green or black base and then apply blue brown all over the lid blending it out to the crease.
If you are not into pigments but like the color you might want to try out "Club" by MAC as it has a similar brown/green duochrome. 

What do you think about "Blue Brown"?