Sunday, 25 October 2015

Project: Pan those Nail Polishes II

Nail polish is THE beauty category I can go nuts about. However at the beginning of this year I decided that 215 nail polishes was a bit too much and decided to embark on this “Pan those Nail Polishes Project”. Last poste (here) was not quite what I expected it to be (bought 26 and only used up but now I am finally seeing some progress that I am super excited about. Still not quite where I want to be but definitely heading towards the right direction now. Although this update is coming a bit late, I still wanted to share with you my progress.
Over the last four months (May-August) I managed to empty 12 polishes. I have to admit even I am surprised by that number. Ok, most bottles were half full to begin with but 12 is definitely a personal record. Not too bad, right?

I don´t think I will be able to keep up with that speed in terms of using up products, mostly because the bottles I aim to finish now are full but I will continue to work on it.

I couldn’t quite resist buying some new nail polishes as well but I didn’t go near as crazy as last time.  I bought and used up a total of 12 nail polishes, having a total of 236.

My goal for the third and final update of this year is to actually reduce the number of nail polishes I own (compared to this update). In order to do so I will restrain myself to buy 1 nail polish (if even) a month and hopefully be able to use up an average 2 nail polishes per month. Ideally I would like to own 230 polishes by the end of 2015. I will do my best, keep your fingers crossed!

OLD TOTAL: 235   
Added: +12
Used up: -12 
Are you also working on using up nail polishes? Any tips and tricks?


Thursday, 15 October 2015

NotW: Essence "Party in a bottle"

There is something magical about glitter, especially when it comes to glittery nail polish. I always feel like a moth drawn to the flame. Well at least that´s pretty much what happened when I saw Essence “Party in a bottle”. It was love at first sight and for under 2 Pounds/Euro/Dollars a real steel.

The only downside is that that I already know that it will be a pain to remove (because all glittery nail polish are) but I just love how fun and flirty it looks. I especially like how the black crackling toned the glitter a bit down making the look more daytime appropriate.

How to recreate this design:
This step is optional: apply one coat of a teal nail polish as base for the glitter nail polish.
1. Apply two coats of Essence “Party in a bottle”.
2. Apply one coat of Essence “crackling” top coat in black (make sure that the glitter polish has completely dried otherwise the crackling won´t work).
3. Apply one coat of your favorite top coat to seal the design and you´re done!

How did you like this design?