Thursday, 15 October 2015

NotW: Essence "Party in a bottle"

There is something magical about glitter, especially when it comes to glittery nail polish. I always feel like a moth drawn to the flame. Well at least that´s pretty much what happened when I saw Essence “Party in a bottle”. It was love at first sight and for under 2 Pounds/Euro/Dollars a real steel.

The only downside is that that I already know that it will be a pain to remove (because all glittery nail polish are) but I just love how fun and flirty it looks. I especially like how the black crackling toned the glitter a bit down making the look more daytime appropriate.

How to recreate this design:
This step is optional: apply one coat of a teal nail polish as base for the glitter nail polish.
1. Apply two coats of Essence “Party in a bottle”.
2. Apply one coat of Essence “crackling” top coat in black (make sure that the glitter polish has completely dried otherwise the crackling won´t work).
3. Apply one coat of your favorite top coat to seal the design and you´re done!

How did you like this design?

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