Sunday, 26 June 2016

MAC “Old Gold” Pigment

I recently purchased MAC´s “Old Gold” pigment after been eyeing it forever. I decided to pick up the “little” version as I am sure I won´t be using up a full size jar anytime soon. In case you were wondering "Old Gold" is part of MAC´s permanent range and you can get in two differnt sizes.

MAC describes it as a “high frosted tarnish gold”. I would add to it that it has olive green undertones. Paired with browns it looks beautiful on the lid. The pigment itself applies very smooth (wet and dry) and has a really good color pay-off. It is finely milled, easy to blend out and a little really does go a long way. All and all I am very pleased as the quality of the pigment is amazing!

How do you like “Old Gold”? Yay nor Nay?


Wednesday, 15 June 2016

The Nail Polish Guide: "Essie"

There are hundreds of different nail polish brands out there. One of my favorite drugstore brands is Essie. They have a great color range and are always launching new limited edition shades according to the each season. I remember reading somewhere that in total there are approximately 250 shades. Not bad right? On top of that I love their wide domed brush which makes application super easy, even on days when I feel especially sloppy or have little time to paint my nails. 

The simple square design of the glass bottle is not only beautiful to look at but makes it easy to store the bottles next to each other. I personally love watching them sit on my nail polish rack. I know this might sound silly but let’s face it I love nail polish storage and design also play an important role. 

With 8 Dollars // 8 Euros // 8 Pounds they are rather pricy but overall I am very pleased with the quality. I must admit though that I have rarely have paid the full price for an Essie nail polish as I tend to get mine at my local TKMaxx or on a 2 for 3 deal at the drugstore. Something to consider if you feel hesitant to try them out due to the price. 

All-year around favorites:  “Mademoiselle”, “Cocktails and Coconuts” (LE) and “Happy wife Happy life” (LE).

Click here, here and here for of NotW inspirations using Essie nail polishes.

What are your favorite Essie shades?

Thursday, 2 June 2016

First Update Project Polish 2016

Three months have passed since I started my “Project Polish” for 2016 (see post here). I am glad to inform that I have made some consistent progress with my polishes and was able to use up three (plus one!) out of the seven polishes completely.

Finished items:
Max Factor “Fantasy Fire”
Definitely a beautiful one of a kind color however pretty sheer on its own. I´ll admit, I am kind of sad to see this one gone (click here for a NotW using “Fantasy Fire”)

H&M “Red”
A classic red shade. The quality of H&M polishes in general is actually really good. In fact I believe they are underrated polishes. “Red” did not disappoint me. In fact in the future I might repurchase it. But first, let me finish some other polishes.  

Essence “Dessert Fox”

I am glad to see this one gone as I have similar shades in my collection and summer is around the corner.

Essence “Iced Latte”
Although this was not originally in my “Project Polish” I still wanted to share this empty polish with you. I love these kind of shades, so this was pretty easy to use up and as I have similar ones I am not too sad to see it go.

Still working on:

Sally Hansen “Mademoiselle”
adly only used this once.

Essie “Playa del Platinum”
I am glad with my progress, especially considering I find it hard to wear because I don’t think this particular shade suits my skin tone to well.

Essie “Lovie Dovie”
I know that the “original “Lovie Dovie” shade looks very different from mine, a lot more pink. But I honestly love the peachy undertone. It takes me about four thin layers to make it opaque but I don’t mind it. This will probably be the next polish I will empty.

Ciate “Play Date”
Halfway down, should be hopefully done by the next update. The formula is good and I like the gel finish to it. No complaints from my side.

Since I finished three polishes I decided to add three more to my project.


1. Essence “Frosted Champagne”
Love to wear it in combination with Revlon “Sequins” (click here for a NotW using Essence “Frosted Champagne” and Revlon “Sequins”).

2. Revlon “Sequins”
It almost done and starting to dry out. Perfect reason why I should include it in this project.
3. Basic (no name on the bottle)
I believe this polish s at least 5 years old which is why I want to finish it. Love the multicolored glitter. Should be nice paired with “Lovie Dovie”.

Are you also doing a "Project Polish" this year?