Thursday, 2 June 2016

First Update Project Polish 2016

Three months have passed since I started my “Project Polish” for 2016 (see post here). I am glad to inform that I have made some consistent progress with my polishes and was able to use up three (plus one!) out of the seven polishes completely.

Finished items:
Max Factor “Fantasy Fire”
Definitely a beautiful one of a kind color however pretty sheer on its own. I´ll admit, I am kind of sad to see this one gone (click here for a NotW using “Fantasy Fire”)

H&M “Red”
A classic red shade. The quality of H&M polishes in general is actually really good. In fact I believe they are underrated polishes. “Red” did not disappoint me. In fact in the future I might repurchase it. But first, let me finish some other polishes.  

Essence “Dessert Fox”

I am glad to see this one gone as I have similar shades in my collection and summer is around the corner.

Essence “Iced Latte”
Although this was not originally in my “Project Polish” I still wanted to share this empty polish with you. I love these kind of shades, so this was pretty easy to use up and as I have similar ones I am not too sad to see it go.

Still working on:

Sally Hansen “Mademoiselle”
adly only used this once.

Essie “Playa del Platinum”
I am glad with my progress, especially considering I find it hard to wear because I don’t think this particular shade suits my skin tone to well.

Essie “Lovie Dovie”
I know that the “original “Lovie Dovie” shade looks very different from mine, a lot more pink. But I honestly love the peachy undertone. It takes me about four thin layers to make it opaque but I don’t mind it. This will probably be the next polish I will empty.

Ciate “Play Date”
Halfway down, should be hopefully done by the next update. The formula is good and I like the gel finish to it. No complaints from my side.

Since I finished three polishes I decided to add three more to my project.


1. Essence “Frosted Champagne”
Love to wear it in combination with Revlon “Sequins” (click here for a NotW using Essence “Frosted Champagne” and Revlon “Sequins”).

2. Revlon “Sequins”
It almost done and starting to dry out. Perfect reason why I should include it in this project.
3. Basic (no name on the bottle)
I believe this polish s at least 5 years old which is why I want to finish it. Love the multicolored glitter. Should be nice paired with “Lovie Dovie”.

Are you also doing a "Project Polish" this year?


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