Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Monthly Empties: July 2016

As another month has passed here are some thoughts about products I finished over the last couple of weeks.

Balea Cleansing Oil // would repurchase
I love cleansing oils to remove my make-up, so naturally when I found this drugstore version I as super excited to try it out and I have to say it didn´t disappoint me. The bottle contains 100ml for around 2,50 Euro. I noticed that overall I need a bit more product than with other cleansing oils but not substantially more. A big plus is that I don’t get that blurry eyes effect (or at least not as much as with similar products). Definitely will be repurchasing another bottle as I think this is a great value for money.

Odol Med 3 Mouthwash // would repurchase
This is pretty much a staple in my bathroom. Gotta have a good mouthwash and this one works fine. Will repurchase.

Rival de Loop eye make-up remover – waterproof // would repurchase
I have bought this product countless times. It is a great waterproof eye make-up remover for little money which is why I always keep one of these at hand. It leaves a little bit of an oily residue but as I wash my face afterwards anyways I don’t really mind.

Weleda Almond face cream // would repurchase
YouTube made me buy this. I think I saw this on an empties post and was intrigued so decided to give it a try. It costs about 10 Euros for 30ml which is not much product but a little really goes a long way (I had mine for about 6 months). I loved that it didn’t make my face feel oily at all, perfect summer moisturizer!

Balea „Tiefenreinigungs“ shampoo // would repurchase
Basically this is a „get-all-residue-out-of-your-hair” shampoo. It really did leave my scalp feeling squeaky clean. This is nothing I personally would use on an everyday basis (which is why this lasted me a year) but I like it for those days when I feel I need it. For under 2 Euros you can definitely give this one a try.

Dove „Soft feel“ deodorant // might repurchase
I like the deodorant, especially because it smelled like baby powder. I would consider repurchasing it again, but at the moment I am trying out other deodorants.  

Fa „Greek Joguhrt“ shower gel // wont repurchase
I loved the smell in the store, however not so much in my shower. The product itself was nice (lathered up well and didn’t dry out my skin) but in the end I just hated the smell, hence no repurchase from my side.

What products have you finished lately?


Thursday, 14 July 2016

Monthly Empties: Project Pan Edition II

Make-up empties are one of favorites posts I like to read and write about. I like empties post in general because you get a more detailed impression whether somebody likes a product or not and whether they would repurchase it.
I have been working on these make-up empties for a couple of months as a part of my project pan for 2016 (would you like more details about that?). So without further ado let´s get right into it..
1. Catrice liquid camouflage concealer in “010 Porcelain” // would repurchase
find a review here

2. Catrice eyeshadow in “Oh its Toffeeful” // would repurchase
Another all-time favorite of mine. This is the perfect shimmery “caramel fudge” shade and I am sad to it go. Luckily I have one more back-up left.

3. P2 highlighter in “High beam” // would repurchase
Amazing! I loved this drugstore highlighter. It is very finely milled and the glow looks amazing on the skin. Once I have finished some others I will definitely repurchase it.

4. Catrice Eyebrow pencil in "Date with Ash-ton" // would repurchase
In the past I debated whether I should repurchase this pencil or not. As you can see I have because the color matches my brows well and overall it works for me. I wish Catrice would bring out a eyebrow pencil with a finer tip, similar to the Anastisia Beverly Hills one, I´d be buiyng that immediatly!

5. L´OREAL Million Lashes mascara // would repurchase
This is my holy grail mascara. I absolutly love it! It gives my lashes volume and length. Perhaps I should try out the waterproof version next time. What do you think? Have you tried that one out? 

6. Catrice Liquid Eyeliner in "Dating Joe Black // would repurchase
My favorite liquid eyeliner from the drugstore!

7. Maybelline black gel liner pencil // might repurchase
Did I like this product? Yes. Do I think it is worth the money? No. I loved the very fine tip and the creamy rich black color. Unfortunately after about a month of using it every day it was used up. Having spend 7 dollars for it, I don´t think it offers an amazing value for money.

8. Revlon Colorstay Whipped foundation in "150 Buff" // might repurchase
find a review here

9. H&M Lipgloss in "Nude Dude" // won´t repurchase
A sheer lipgloss with a nice vanilla scent, however nothing special so I won´t be repurchasing it.

10. Rival de Loop Eyeshadow base (pot) // won´t repurchase
I prefer the tube version a lot better than this pot. This one leaves a sheen on your lids, which I personally didn´t like. I won´t be repurachsing it.

Have you finished some make-up products recently? If so would you buy them again?

Saturday, 2 July 2016

BUY or SKIP: Revlon Colorstay Whipped Foundation


Price: $14.00

Shades: Available in sixteen shades (mine is “150 Buff”)

Content: 23.7 ml

Available at: Drugstores

The moment I heard about this foundation I wanted to try it out. My only problem was that it is not available in Europe (at least I have not been able to find it anywhere). On my last holiday I was able to get a hold of it and finally try it out. After having used it for a couple months I would like to share my thoughts with you.

If you like a medium coverage with the possibility to build it up to full then BUY. Be aware to use a light hand if you do build it up as otherwise it can look very cakey.

If you don’t like bulky packaging, SKIP. Although the glass container makes the product appear more luxurious, it is a pain to travel with as it is quite heavy and not as hygienic as a pump or tube dispenser would be.

If you like a mouse like texture with a rather matt/velvet finish, that feels lightweight on your skin, then BUY.

Due to the matt finish, the foundation has the tendency to be rather dry. So if you have problems with dry skin (or dry patches on your skin) you might want to SKIP it. If you have dry skin and want to give this foundation a shoot anyway, try to use it over summer.

If you want a long lasting foundation, then BUY. I would say that the foundation lasts about 8 hours without a problem. If you put a primer underneath and add some fixing spray it lasts even longer.


Will you BUY or SKIP this foundation?