Thursday, 17 August 2017

Monthly Empties: August 2017

Finally I am back! I feel it has been ages (probably because it has!) since I have been able to sit down and write a post. I missed blogging so much, but life kept me busy during th elast couple months so I wasn´t able to blog. Anyway what better way to rekindle my blogging love flame than with an empties post. Hope you enjoy!

Balea Cleaning Oil // will repurchase
Please find a detailed review here
Imperial Leather “Nourishing Shea & Orange” foamburst // would repurchase
I absolutely love this shower foam. It is without a doubt the best foam I have tried out, especially considering the price. The foam is super soft yet thick enough which makes the handling very easy under the shower. Rituals foam comes out very runny almost like water, making me probably lose half of it under the shower. The Imperial leather comes ou as a gel making application just so much easier. The Shea & Orange scent was nice, not too intense. The perfect little luxurious treat under the shower.
Dove “Winter Care” LE shower gel // would repurchase
I love dove shower gels. I am quite picky when it comes to shower gel as I have dry skin. Therefore I am always looking for shower gels that provide some sort of moisture. In the end I always go back to these. The scent was fresh and creamy. Perfect for winter. PS: I was amazed how long I could smell the scent on my skin! Big thumbs up!

SYOSS “Invisible Hold” Hairspray // might repurchase
I mainly use hairspray when I curl my hair. Therefore I like a spray that is easy to brush out - when I am going for my second day curls - yet is able to make them stay in place. This was good but nothing special.

Dove “Advanced Oxygen” shampoo & conditioner // will not repurchase
They were good but I don’t think they did anything special for my hair. Just a regular shampoo and conditioner therefore I won’t repurchase.

Dove “Verbena and Pomegranate” deodorant // will not repurchase
I love the scent in the shower gel, as a deodorant I am not so sure. I think there are better ones out there. If you want to try a Dove deodorant, try the cucumber scented over this one.

What are your empties?


Sunday, 26 February 2017

Monthly empties: February 2017

I hope you all had a great last month. Mine for sure was, especially because I managed to finish some long overdue products.

Palmolive Aroma Sensations “Feel good” shower gel // would repurchase
I am actually quite impressed. I love this smell, it reminds of on holiday at the beach.
Didn’t dry out my skin thus passed the test. I like the smell so much that I would actually consider repurchasing it. Although I have 10 other shower gels waiting to be used.

Frizz Ease Full Repair Hair treatment // would repurchase
I loved this. In fact I wasn’t expecting to love this as much as I did. But this hair treatment made my hair super straight and lightweight. Will definitely repurchase once I finish my other hair treatments.

Balea LE “Apfel & Zimt” Peeling // would repurchase
Other product I was pleasantly surprised with. I love the apple scent. I was afraid the cinnamon scent would be too strong but that wasn’t the case at all. For under 2 Euros I could see myself repurchasing it, if it comes out again. 

Balea “Eden Garden” Foaming Handwash // would repurchase
Foaming hand washes are so much fun and a nice change to the “regular” hand washes if you ask me. The scent was floral yet not to strong. Just lovely.

Dove "Pure Pflege" deep conditioner // might repurchase
This worked so much better than the “oil deep conditioner from L’Oréal Elvital. My hair actually felt very soft and being cheaper than the L’Oréal Elvital one I would consider repurchasing this in the future.

Nivea “happy time” roll-on deodorant // might repurchase
Granted I used most of this over summer, I love the sweet orange scent. In fact, I liked it so much that I bought the shower gels as well. The deodorant did its job and I will consider repurchasing this next year again.

Got2be “Guardian Angel” heat styling spray // will not repurchase
Apart from the fact that my pump broke, I had the feeling that this dried out my hair whenever I used it. There is still a little bit in the bottle, but I will be throwing this out.

Garnier "Schadenlöscher" Hair Mask // will not repurchase
Horrible. Honestly horrible. I had such high expectations because I had heard that the US version of this was good. Well the European is not. This didn’t do anything good for my hair. Towards the end I had to force myself to use this up. I kind of had the feeling it would dry my hair more than it would nourish it.

What are your empties?


Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Make-up Empties 2016

After seeing quite a bit of YouTubers doing a video on their 2016 make-up empties I decided to share mine with you as well.
Granted, some of the products used belong to my daily makeup routine, which is why I find it easier to use up mascaras, powders or concealers. Lipstick/gloss, eyeshadows and blushes are harder to use up for me because I tend to use many different shades throughout the year. Finishing those types of products therefore takes me a lot longer but I am happy to announce that I managed to finish some of them as well.
In total I used up 32 products worth about 241 Euros. I could stare at the picture for hours, its so neat to see the amount of make-up you are able to use up and looking at my current make-up drawer I still have enough for the next ten years or room for some new goodies.
Anyway here are the numbers per category:
Foundation: 2
Concealer: 4
Powder: 3
Blush: 2
Primer: 3
Mascara: 3
Eyeshadow: 4
Eyeliner: 5
Brow products: 3
Lipgloss: 2
Lipstick: 1
If you want a product review please click here, here, or here.

What are your 2016 make-up empties ?


Thursday, 19 January 2017

Project Pan Make-up Empties III

I cannot believe how fast this year has gone by. Since my last make-up empties post I have been collecting further items that I now want to share with you.
In case you wonder, some items are not shown in the picture above because I seem to have misplaced them, but I wrote my opinion on them down anyways in case it may help you with your purchase decision.

Catrice Liquid Eyeliner in “Dating Joe Black” // would repurchase
Please find a review here. Favorite drugstore liquid eyeliner.

Essence brow Gel “transparent” // would repurchase
Pretty much a staple in my collection. I do like to change things up every now and then but I always end up repurchasing this one. For under 2 euros there is nothing bad I can say about it. If you are looking for a super strong hold this might not be for you.

Manhattan Clearface Powder in “Sand” // might repurchase
Medium to high coverage. I liked this in combination with a light foundation as it gave it a bit more coverage. Applied on top of a medium to high coverage foundation this felt rather cakey.

Max Factor “False Lash Effect” Mascara // might repurchase (*missing in picture)
This used to be one of my favorite mascaras but know I find it a bit to dry. It does however make a great job at separating my lashes.

Lorac eyeshadow primer // might repurchase
Great eyeshadow primer that I might repurchase. Unfortunately you cant buy Lorac where I live.
Manhattan "Amazing Liner" Precise Eyeliner Pen // will not repurchase
At first I was really impressed because drawing a line with this liner was super easy (almost too easy) but then the pen dried out pretty fast and the black intensity could have been better. I used it about ten times and then I went back to my Catrice liquid eyeliner.

MAC Eyeshadow “Copperplate” // will not repurchase (*missing in picture)
I used this mainly to fill in my eyebrows. It was ok, but maybe a bit too expensive for that purpose.
MAC Eyesahdow “Brule” // will not repurchase (*missing in picture)
While I love MAC eyeshadows I don’t think I will be repurchasing this one. It was ok, but the color was so close to my skin tone that I could barely see it. Wet n´wilds crème Brule is a pretty good dupe for a lot less money.
Benefit “They´re real” Mascara Sample // will not repurchase (*missing in picture)
When I first started using this I must admit that I didn’t like it. However in Kombination with the Essence Princess lash mascara this worked amazing and this one, worked amazing. I would repurachse it though.. 20Euros is a bit too much.
Revlon Lipgloss in “Supernatural” // will not repurchase
A nice ligloss, but nothing else. It only has 3,7ml and for 9Dollars I find that a bit too much. The packing is really classy and the consistency feels nice and smooth on the lips. The color looked transparent on my lips though. I would try the NYX butter glosses instead.
Bobbi Brown Blush in Nectar” // will not repurchase
I love using up blushes. This one took quite a while actually but I did enjoy the color. I am so happy this is gone as it was getting pretty old.
Do you have any makeup empties?


Thursday, 5 January 2017

Finale project polish 2016

I can’t believe the year is over. This means that my project polish has also come to an end and looking at those empty bottles in front of me I have to admit I am quite happy with the results.

In 2016 I ended up using 13 nail polishes, which is less than last year (you can read about it here) however as I only purchased 10 nail polishes I actually managed to minimize my nail polish collection this year. I also did some decluttering and got rid of 10 nail polishes that just didn’t work out for me, leading to a grand total of 216 nail polishes. My goal for 2017 might be getting my collection down to 200.

Overall I chose to work on nail polishes that I like. If the formula doesn’t work out for me or the color just doesn’t look good I will probably give the polish to someone else or throw it away. I see no point in forcing myself to use up something I simply don’t enjoy, especially having so many nail polish bottles around.

Overall I am sooo thrilled with the results, never would I have imagined only buying ten nail polishes being so passionate about them (two years ago I bought 50!). I think I was more selective this year and tried to only buy polishes that had a special color, plus most of them were on sale as well which made the purchase even more tempting.

I am still on defense whether to do another project polish this year or if I give myself a little break without focusing on specific shades. I will still do my best to use some polishes up, because I want to work towards a smaller collection. Perhaps I will come up with a similar project. Any suggestions?

If you are curious about my thoughts with regards towards the individual nail polishes you can read more about it here, here and here.

Are you planning on doing a project polish this year?
If so let me know, I would love to read about it!