Wednesday, 15 June 2016

The Nail Polish Guide: "Essie"

There are hundreds of different nail polish brands out there. One of my favorite drugstore brands is Essie. They have a great color range and are always launching new limited edition shades according to the each season. I remember reading somewhere that in total there are approximately 250 shades. Not bad right? On top of that I love their wide domed brush which makes application super easy, even on days when I feel especially sloppy or have little time to paint my nails. 

The simple square design of the glass bottle is not only beautiful to look at but makes it easy to store the bottles next to each other. I personally love watching them sit on my nail polish rack. I know this might sound silly but let’s face it I love nail polish storage and design also play an important role. 

With 8 Dollars // 8 Euros // 8 Pounds they are rather pricy but overall I am very pleased with the quality. I must admit though that I have rarely have paid the full price for an Essie nail polish as I tend to get mine at my local TKMaxx or on a 2 for 3 deal at the drugstore. Something to consider if you feel hesitant to try them out due to the price. 

All-year around favorites:  “Mademoiselle”, “Cocktails and Coconuts” (LE) and “Happy wife Happy life” (LE).

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What are your favorite Essie shades?

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