Monday, 29 June 2015

NotW: Essie "Cocktails & Coconuts"

Personally I loved how this designed turned out (especially because I wasn´t too sure about it in the making). I really like how the coral gives the quite neutral design a bit of an edge and the lace makes it look a whole lot more elegant.

How to recreate this design:

1. Apply two coats of Essie “Cocktails and Coconuts”.
2. Take a coral nail polish like “Kiko 360" and paint one strip in the middle of your nails. If you want the lines to be really sharp, take some adhesive and use it as a stencil. While the nail polish is still drying slowly and carefully remove the tape.
3. Once the nail polish has completely dried (and I mean completely dried) take your lace stickers and cut the desired length (mine are from Essence but unfortunately I don´t know the name). Then place it them around the coral line.
4. Apply a coat of your favorite top coat and voila.. you are done!

 How do you like this design?


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