Sunday, 8 February 2015

"Project Pan" Empties

After sharing with you my experiences, going through my project pan I now want to show you the products that I was able to finish up over the last six months. 

Essence eyebrow gel 
I felt that there was always a lot of product coming out of the tube so I had to stripe of the excess every time before applying. Other than that, the gel itself did a good job fixing my eyebrows and that is all I wanted. 

MAC “Blanktype” eye shadow 
I loved this eye shadow. I know that for some of you this shade might not be anything special but for me it was just the perfect under brow matt highlighter. It was very light (yet not white) super creamy and it lasted me forever. I will be repurchasing this shade in the future once I finish one or two other creamy vanilla colors I have. But I have to admit that I am already missing “Blanktype”!

MAC Painterly Paint Pot 
I purchased this paint pot four years ago and have used it almost every single day in order to even out my eyelid color and it worked almost perfectly until the bitter end. Sure, the last two weeks it wasn´t all that smooth but honestly after 4 years there is nothing wrong with that. I am planning to get “soft ochre” next because I think that one has more yellow undertones whereas this one has more pink ones. But I am trying to put that off as much as I can so that I can finish up one or two other cream bases I have lying around in my drawer. Nonetheless it´s safe to say that MAC paint pots will be back in my collection as they are a great value for money. 

Rimmel Wake-me up foundation 
If you are interested in review please click here

Maybelline Fit me concealer in “010” 
I feel kind of torn about this product. I got the wrong shade, so this one was not really light enough for me which made using it up kind of a hassle. But then again, that´s my fault for picking up the wrong shade..The product itself though was good. It doesn’t compare the MAC Pro longwear concealer (my holy grail concealer) or to my favorite drugstore one (“the eraser” also from Maybelline) but I might give this one another try in future. Next time, I´ll make sure to get the right shade though.

Rival de Loop LE “aqua face” powder 
Wow, this product is super old. I almost feel ashamed showing it to you, because it’s over 3 years old. It was supposed to have a cooling effect, which it did when I initially purchased it. The “cooling” powder gave a nice glow all over my face, but the packaging was really bulky and took up a lot of space in my collection. It was nice to play around with (and definitely cheaper than the MAC “magically cooling” powder) but I am happy to see it go.  Off to the next face powder in my collection! 

L´Oreal Butterfly mascara 
A good mascara but in my eyes not an amazing one. Towards the end it got really clumpy which is why I called it quits even though there was still plenty of product in it.  Worth checking it out? Mmhh.. I prefer the L´Oreal Million volume lashes over this one. 

Covergirl lengthening mascara 
This used to be an all time favorite of mine. I say used to because I am not sure whether I will be repurchasing it in the future anymore. The lengthening effect is great but the product felt really dry, even when I first opened it. Maybe I´ll give it another shoot in the future, we will see. 

Maybelline The eraser concealer in “light” 
My holy grail drugstore concealer. I was lucky enough to get an amazing deal on this concealer in Holland and ended paying 2,80Euro for it. One of my best beauty bargains ever! 

Catrice Blush in “peach sorbet" 
6 months. It took me 6 months to use this blush up. It was a beautiful light peach shade that suited my skin tone beautifully and stayed on my face pretty much all day. I am kind of sad to see it go, because I did really enjoy using it. The only bad thing I can say about it is that the cap broke after about 3-4 months of everyday use. I got this blush when it was on sale for only 1,75 € but even if I would have payed the original price (3,45 €) I would say that it was way worth the money! 

According to my calculations I used up a total of about 92 Euros (110Dollars/76Pounds) worth of products.I am glad to see that I got my money’s worth out of these products and I am excited to see what I will be able to finish up next.


Are you currently doing a “Project Pan”? What products did you pick?


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