Saturday, 15 November 2014

Nail Polish Essentials you should own

This post could also have been called my most repurchased nail polishes, but I feel the products I am about to show you are more so my essentials when it comes to painting my nails. I always have one (most likely two or three of them in stock) because I am constantly using them and cannot imagine my life without them anymore.
Essence "Ultra strong nail hardener"
Last year I was having a tough time with my nails. They were very weak and would break off constantly. Some nails were even peeling/ chipping which is why I was desperate to find something to help me fix it. I tried a ton of different hardening nail polishes and even put off painting my nails for a while but noting seem to do the trick until I found this one hardening polish.

I absolutely love it. I can finally grow my nails without them breaking off as soon as hit something. The peeling stopped and they feel stronger to the touch. Now that they are stronger I don´t use it every time I paint my nails but every other day to keep them strong. For only 2 Euros/Pounds/Dollars this product is not only a true steal but a life saver!

Essence "Better than gel nails top sealer"
It´s pretty safe to say that this is my most repurchased nail polish as I have buying this top coat for the last 3-4 years. It´s an amazing top coat and I highly encourage you to check it out if you haven´t already. It leaves the nails with a beautiful sheen (which is very gel alike) and dries quite fast. It is worth every penny and luckily 3 Euros/Pounds/Dollars are not so many.

Essence "White stampy polish"
I absolutely love stamping on my nails which by now probably is not a big revelation to you. Stamping polishes however be hard to find, in particular white ones as they need to have the right coverage in order for the white to show up on the nails. When Essence launched this stamping polish I was thrilled. I works perfectly for stamping, although I will admit that after about 3/4 being used the polish dries up but honestly how cares for only 1,5 Euros/Pounds/Dollars. I like this product so much that I currently have 4 backups at home because I fear they might discontinue it someday. I know. Silly, right? But on the other hand better safe than sorry. 

The following two products are relatively new in terms of how long I have been using them (probably under a year) but I also have grown to love them and wanted to share them with you as well. 
Essence "Ultra gloss nail shine"
I think my mom originally bought this top coat for me and I must say I am glad she did. It is definitely a fast dry top coat that is very liquid, so it runs fast on your nails. I personally prefer a more gel alike consistency because I love the sheen that it gives to your nails. But if you don´t really care about the finish itself and you are looking for a good top coat, this might be it. It´s definitely worth checking out.

Seche Vite
One of the most hyped up top coats out there and I do understand why. This is the fastest drying top coat I have ever owned. Within seconds I am good to go. By the time you are finish painting your second hand the first one has already dried. As I haven´t tested this nail polish as long I would like and the price is definitely higher than with my two Essence ones I can´t really say it’s a all-time favorite. Nonetheless I am glad to have it, especially for those days that hurray to get out the door.

 Do you  have any nail polish essentials you can´t live without?

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