Wednesday, 4 February 2015

My "Project Pan" Experience

Over the last six months I have been project panning and today I can proudly say: I did it! I finished all my 10 products and I couldn´t be happier about it. Before sharing with you what products I was able to finish up I wanted to share with you my “Project Pan” experience. 

What is “Project Pan”?
Let me start by briefly explaining what “Project Pan” is. Basically you chose a certain amount of products out of your make-up or beauty collection and use them up completely or to the point where you can see the pan of that product. There are many different variations of a “Project Pan” out there. Some people set a time limit regarding how long they will engage, others might pick a certain quantity they want to use up and some will even decide to stop buying make-up until their “Project Pan” is over.
I decided to pick 10 products out of my make-up collection and use them completely up no matter how long it took me (just in case you were wondering, it was 6 months). 

Why did I do a “Project Pan”? 
Honestly, I just felt a bit overwhelmed with my make-up collection. While I like to play around with different colors and textures and have some variety in the products I own I certainly felt that there was no point in having 40 different lipsticks if at the end of the day I was probably only using 5 of them on a regular basis.
Make-up is my hobby and I will probably always own more than the “average” woman out there but I just wasn’t feeling comfortable with my never ending growing collection.
I also wanted to gain a notion on how much it took me to use up a blush, a concealer or a lipstick, because honestly I had no clue and at the end of the day make-up is something perishable that I don’t want to go unnecessarily bad. 

What items did I pick/rules? 
I don´t think there are any rules out there on what kind of products you should pick. Personally I decided to pick products from different categories (e.g.face, eyes,lips). I knew that if I put 6 lipsticks in my project pan I would have just gotten frustrated really fast (there are only so many times you can reapply a product a day).
From previous project panning experience I also decided to have a mix between products that I loved and others that I wanted gone from my collection. It can take you quite a while to use up make-up products and if you hate what you are using there is no point in using it if you know what I mean. I never want to feel like using make-up is some sort of obligation. I want to have fun with it. Wasting a product just to get it done or being tired of using the same thing over and over again is not what I want. 

What did I learn? 
I love buying make-up as much as I do using it up. It gives you such a satisfactory feeling seeing that pan and actually getting your money worth out of a product. I guess making room for new things always feels better. I think going through this "Project Pan" made me more aware of the product lifetime of some items. It also showed me that with the right amount of determination anything is possible. 

Any tips? 
Put the products you want to use up somewhere visible so that you can easily grab them in the morning (or whenever you do your make-up). Out of side, really does mean out of mind!
If you like to wear bright lipsticks in summer but prefer neutral ones in winter, then try to think ahead when choosing your products. You don´t want to be “stuck” wearing coral lips in winter if you prefer red ones.

Stay motivated! Go watch some YouTube videos or read some blog posts of people that are going through the same as you are. I am not going to lie after about three months I was feeling pretty frustrated because I wasn’t seeing any visible progress on my items.

But most importantly don´t give up, if I can do it so can you!


If you want to know what products exactly I was able to use up, stay tuned. I will be sharing those with you shortly. Until then, have a beautiful day!



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