Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Monthly Empties: The "Back to MAC" Edition

I am sure you have heard about the “Back to MAC” program but if you haven’t let me quickly explain the idea behind it. If you return six empty containers to a MAC counter you get a free lipstick out of their permanent range (and in some countries even an eyeshadow or lipgloss).

Over the course of the last couple of months I was able to finish a little over 6 products. I am waiting until I reach 12 to go “Back to Mac” them but in the meantime let´s see what I have used up. 

Creamsheen glass “Boy Bait” // wouldn’t repurchase
Here is the thing with MAC creamsheen glasses in general... Although I love the formula and the color range is beautiful, they only come with 1,7ml per bottle and cost about 20 Euros. Seriously? I am not going to spend that much money to get that little product (well at least not anymore). I wish I had known how much product was in there sooner. You can literally use one of these glosses in a couple of weeks. It goes super-fast. 

Creamsheen glass “Just Superb” // wouldn’t repurchase
Same as above.

Lipgloss “C-Throu” // would repurchase
Loved it! It’s an amazing milky pinky nude shade. I typically find milky shade quite hard to find because most of them tend to be very sheer and don’t show up on your lips. This however is not the case with "C-Throu”. I think I even prefer this one over “Underage" lipgloss which is my ultimate favorite lipgloss. 

Lipgloss “Love Nectar” // would repurchase
A beautiful peach lipgloss with fine golden glitter. Looove it! 

Select Moisture Cover Concealer “NC15” // unsure
A good under eye concealer as it definitely didn’t dry out my under eye area. While I don’t have anything bad to say about it, as did its job perfectly, I think I prefer the MAC Prolong-wear concealer over this one due to the higher coverage (plus it has more content! (5ml vs. 9ml). 

Mineralize Skinfinish Natural “NC25” // would repurchase
So far the best powder I have tried. Ever. I feel that the value for money is good as the powder lasts me for year. The coverage is rather sheer but you could build it up. What I like most about is the natural finish it gives. It doesn’t look caky at all, rather flawless. In summer I even skip the foundation and just use this (and some concealer). 

Fix + // unsure
I am torn with regards to this product. I don’t think it’s an essential but I did like using it after applying my make-up to create a more natural look as it makes you look less caky after applying foundation and powder. 

Penultimate Eyeliner // wouldn’t repurchase 
I am not sure why exactly I got this eyeliner because I prefer to wear liquid eyeliner over a felt tip one. Anyway, I felt that after a while the tip lost it sharpness and it would become harder to draw any lines with it. 

 Which lipstick(s) would you get?


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