Thursday, 16 July 2015

NotW: Essence "Frosted Champaign"

This week I wanted to try a “No matter what you wear, your nails will match your outfit” kind of nail design. I wanted something easy and simple because I know I didn’t have much time to paint my nails. The base color is actually more on the white side but as I used a sparkly golden top coat it comes off yellow/golden. Although it wasn’t purposely intended to look that way, I have to admit that it is a nice side effect that I will recreate for sure in the future. 

How to recreate this design:
1. Apply two coats of Essence „Frosted Champaign“ nail polish.
2. Apply one coat of Revlon “Sequins” nail polish.
3. Last but not least apply one coat of your favorite top coat and you’re done!

How did you like this design? Will you recreate it


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