Thursday, 18 February 2016

Monthly Empties: February 2016

As February is almost gone I wanted to share with you my monthly empties...

Odol med 3 "extreme" mouth wash // will repurchased
This is my second bottle and I am already using my new one. While I still love the strong flavor of Listerine mouthwash I really enjoyed this as well. The flavor is not too strong, but strong enough to get that “fresh” feeling after using it. The price is cheaper and the formula has zero alcohol. 
Fa “Pink Grapefruit” shower gel // might repurchase
Loved the grapefruit smell, especially when I showered in the morning. It made me feel instantly awake. The foam was good, the price was right and it didn’t dry out my skin. I definitely could see myself repurchasing this product in the future. Maybe in spring or summer. 
Elvital "Total Repair 5" conditioner // won´t repurchase 
This felt like putting water on my hair, zero conditioning effect. I am not even joking, this didn´t do anything for me. I needed a lot of product is order to make it work and even then I felt like it was just a waste money. 
Elvital "Total Repair 5" hair mask // might repurchase 
I like this waaay better than the conditioner.At least this felt somewhat moisturizing.The smell was really nice too. I think though that I will try out other hair masks for now.
Fa “Natural & Pure" deodorant // will repurchase I always find myself repurchasing this deodorant from time to time. Mainly because it doesn’t leave any white cast at all, no matter how much I put on. 
Bebe soft body milk // might repurchase 
I love the smell of Bebe bodylotions. It reminds me of childhood and as the bottle had 400ml it gave me a lot of time to reminiscence. For spring and summer it’s great for winter I felt it could have been a bit more nourishing for my dry skin. Nonetheless a great product which I am sure I will repurchase at some point again. 
Isana"Summer" shaving creme // won´t repurchase 
This was a complete and total nightmare to use. I didn’t think there was a big difference among shaving crèmes but let me you I was wrong. There is still about ¼ of the product in the bottle that just won’t come out, no matter how much I shake the bottle. Somewhere half way through the product came out very liquid and therefore kept running of my legs instead staying in place. If it wasn’t bad enough I also had the impression that it was drying out my skin. I have never have had these problems before which is why I am switching back to Gillette or Wilkinson, even if they are a bit more expensive. 
Isana LE "Summer" shower gel // discontinued 
Amazing passion fruit scent, really similar to the actual fruit and not chemical at all. I could seriously smell it for hours. Yes that good! I have to admit though that it was a bit drying for my taste. For someone with drier skin like myself, this is not ideal. I definitely needed to apply a more nourishing body lotion to compensate for it. Typically I am not a fan of soaps that feel drying but honestly the makes it up. I have 2 more backups of this product. 

What products have you finished up lately?

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