Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Almost empties - products I have hit pan on!

Hitting the pan on a product has always felt bittersweet. I love to know that I got all my money’s worth out of a product yet at the same time it kind of sad to see an item you enjoy using being almost done, especially when it is a limited edition item. As weird as it may sound I have caught myself stopped using a product because of that, a habit I am now intending to ban out of my life. Has anyone experienced that feeling before as well?

I thought I would go through my collection and pick out the items I have „hit pan on“ to work on them and completely finish them up and these are the ones I found.

KIKO "Unexpected Rosy Taupe"
I love how the product looks in the pan. It is a very sparkly, unique rose taupe shade that when used dry is a bit of pain to apply because there is plenty of fall-out. You also really need to pack the product on your brush in order for it to show up on your lids, which is why I prefer to apply it wet. 
Repurchase?: No, because of the fall-out.

Bobbi Brown gel eyeliner in "Espresso"
The Bobbi Brown gel eyeliner is probably one of my favourite gel liners out there (even over MAC fluidline). The colour is very pigmented and it just seems to have the right consistency (not to liquid and not to stiff if you know what I mean). "Espresso" is a dark chocolate brown colour and a great alternative to black eyeliner. Mine is starting to get old which is why I really need to use it up. Nonetheless I can recommend this to anyone out there looking for a good gel eyeliner.
Repurchase?: Yes, but not "Espresso".

Maybelline "Fit me“ powder
It´s an ok powder, nothing more nothing less.
Repurchase?: As the packaging is quite bulky, I probably won´t. 

Maybelline "Permanent Taupe" colour tattoo
The Maybelline colour tattoos are amazing. They last all day long and can be worn as a base or on their own. I really like that they don´t crease on me, even if I don´t use any eye primer under it. Big thumbs up!
Repurchase?: Yes

MAC "Trace Gold" blush
If you are looking for a golden bronze look, look no further. This is a perfect blush for that. I almost exclusively were this in summer.
Repurchase?: Definitely yes!

Bobbi Brown corrector in "light bisque"
Ok, I´ll be honest.. I can´t remember the last time I have worn this. I think it´s because I found great full coverage concealers, so I don´t feel I need this anymore. However as this was a rather expensive product, I will use it up (maybe in combination with some light coverage concealers?). Any suggestions?
Repurchase?: No.

MAC "Patina" eye shadow
My absolute all-time favourite MAC eye shadow. I think this is going to be one of those products that I will continue to repurchase until the end of times. This works perfect on any skin tone and colour combination on your lids. A must have in your collection!
Repurchase?: Yes!

Catrice "Oh, It´s Toffeeful" eye shadow
My dupe for MAC “Patina” eye shadow. It´s not exactly the same colour but it is pretty close. My only concern with this shade is that when I apply it on my lid, I feel that throughout the day it kind of vanishes. Therefore I mainly use it on my crease or as a blending shade. Other than that it´s a great product and for only a fraction of the price of a MAC shadow, I can´t complain!
Repurchase?:They have discontinued it, thankfully I still have some back-ups.

MAC "Ricepaper" eye shadow
This was the first MAC eye shadow I ever purchased. I use it to highlight underneath my eyebrow and in the inner corner. I also like to apply it all over the lid for a subtle every day look. One of MAC´s underrated eye shadows if you ask me.
Repurchase?: Yes!

What products have you hit pan on? 
Would you consider repurchasing them once they are done?


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