Monday, 27 October 2014

Drugstore Haul #1


Batiste dry shampoo // 150ml 
Ok, I admit that I probably didn´t need to buy 3 bottles of dry shampoo, but they were on sale for £1,50 and I love Batiste dry shampoo so I just went ahead and stocked up. Yes, I am one of those People who loves to buy things when they are on sale. You too?

L´Oreal Hair Expertise shampoo & conditioner // 250ml
I have been eyeing this hair care line for a while now. Because they were on sale for £3 each I finally picked them up (told you I like sales). I went for the smoothing & moisture/nourish series and hope they will work as promised, fingers crossed! For those of you wondering this line contains no sulfates or silicones.
Vaseline "spray & go" body moisturizer // 190ml
Again, another product I have been curious to try out for a while now. As it has a rather steep price I kept pushing it off but as it was on sale at "Boots" (UK Drugstore) this week I finally picked it up for about £3. I am not sure if this will be moisturizing enough for my dry skin but sure looks fun to play with.

Dove intense repair express conditioner // 180ml
I have already repurchased this product twice and will probably keep repurchasing it as it is one of my favorite conditioners at the drugstore. It does a great job at keeping your hair soft and smooth.

Original Source skin quench "Watermelon & Jojoba oil" shower gel // 250ml
You have to smell this in store. If you like watermelon scented products, I promise you won´t be disappointed with this one. It smells amazing! For £1,35 it went straight into my basket and is now waiting to be used. I am super excited to try this out!

Have you bought anything lately?

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