Saturday, 20 December 2014

Make-up declutter: out with the old and in with the new!

Recently I shared with you the nail polishes I decided to part with (here), today I want to share with the make-up products I am purging.

 I don´t see the point in keeping a product that changed it´s consistency or smells (like the Lancome lipstick and Too Faced lip plumper) as I don´t want to risk some sort of allergic reaction or something similar by using a product that has clearly expired. That is not something I will engage in, as simple as that.
If the pigmentation of a product is really bad (like the Rimmel eye shadow), there is a lot of fall out (e.g. this Catrice eye shadow) or that the color of it simply looks weird on me (Catrice blusher and bronzer) chances are I will not be keeping it either. 
I usually like to go through my collection twice a year and have a closer look at everything I own and if needed purge certain items. If I haven´t used a certain product in a while (and with while I mean years) I probably won´t start  doing so anytime soon (e.g. MNY lipsticks).

 A positive side effect of going through my collection was, that I got to rediscover some products I had almost forgotten about. Plus I now have some extra storage place and that can never hurt. 

I can only encourage you to go through your collection every now and then. That liberating feeling you get once you declutter is priceless, trust me ;-)

Have you also decluttered your make-up collection recently? If so, what items did you purge?


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