Monday, 13 April 2015

My TOP 5 MAC products: must haves!

When I first started getting into make-up, I pretty much only had MAC products, so it is safe to say that I have tried a bunch of them. Today I wanted to share with you my TOP 5 products that I would recommend to anyone but especially to those who are starting to build up their collection as I know how overwhelming it can be to walk in for the first time into a MAC store. 

Mineralize Skinfinish Natural 
So far the best powder I have tried. Ever. I feel that the value for money is good as the powder lasts me for year. The coverage is rather sheer but you could build it up. What I like most about is the natural finish it gives. It doesn’t look caky at all but rather flawless. In summer I even skip the foundation and just use this (and some concealer). 

Pro longwear concealer 
Talking about concealer. This is also an all-time favorite of mine. I am really picky with my concealer. I like to go for ones that have a high coverage, last all day, don’t set in my fine lines and preferably be moisturizing and all that is not that easy to find. Trust me I have looked. Which is why I was super happy when I tried out the MAC Pro long wear one as it fulfill all of the above. The only downside is the packaging (seriously, a glass bottle?). I hate the pump as you are not able to pump the exact amount you need out of it but pretty much always end up with more than you need. Nonetheless the product makes up for it and you could always pump some in an empty container and use the excess the next time. 

Pro longwear Paint Pot 
Totally worth every penny. I have the shade painterly and it has latest me for about 4 years without drying up. Not bad for a cream product. It cancels out my blue veins on the eyelids and thereof provides a “clean” canvas for my eyeshadows. Plus it makes the eyeshadow color appear more vibrant. Because of my oily eyelids I have to wear a primer underneath otherwise after 4-6 hours it starts creasing on me but I know many other how don’t have this problem. If you are looking for a good eyeshadow base this one is perfect. In particular I would check out these shades: Painterly, Soft Ochre, Rubenesque 

I absolutely love MAC lipsticks. The texture, color payoff, lasting power are great! The take up the biggest chunk in my lipstick drawer and I do not regret it. I especially enjoy the luster finish as they have a creamy consistency. 
In particular I would check out these shades: Blankety, crème de nude and crème cup. 

I know there are many good eyeshadows brand out and I believe MAC is one of them. They have a wide range of different shades and finishes that (at least most of them) have a really nice quality. In particular I would check out these shades: patina, all that glitters, club, contrast and haux. Products that almost made it into my Top 5 are: blushes, brush cleanser and pigments.

What are your Top 5 MAC products?



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