Thursday, 30 April 2015

Project: Pan those Nail Polishes

*I am missing some of the bought nail polishes in this picture
It’s been about 4 months since I have started my nail polish challenge for 2015, perfect time for me to do an update on how it´s going.When I counted my nail polishes at the beginning of the year (here) I decided that 215 was too much nail polish to have so I set myself a pretty “simple” goal this year: to buy less and use up more. But that my fellow nail polish junkies is of course easier said than done, as I have now realized.

At the beginning of the year I got weak at the Essence and Catrice sale and while being on the “but it´s just one nail polish” train I ended up buying 26! 26! Not a great start, which is why I am now restraining myself from buying anymore nail polish. At least for the next update. I really want to accomplish my goal (having the same amount of nail polish or less than at the beginning of the year), so I need to be more consequent, even though I find it quite though at the moment.

On the bright side I was able to use up 5 nail polishes thus far which although it is not that much it is still progress. I loved Essie “Spaghetti Strap” because of beautiful color (pinky nude) and the easy application. Essie “Beyond Cozy” (mini size) and Catrice “Lavenderlicious” were limited edition colors that although they were very beautiful I wouldn’t repurchase as I have similar shades in my collection. Essence “Hazelnut cream pie” I am not sad to see go because I have another bottle which I bought by mistake two years ago. Essie (I can’t find a name on the bottle) was a bit of a problematic as the color would always chip after two days, so I am glad to see this one go. Last but not least I am tossing Essence “Hey, nude!” because it’s just a pain to apply due to the ridiculous long drying time. After 3 hours the polish is still not dry no matter what I do…

I know I didn´t exactly had a great start (I blame the sale and my weakness for beautiful polishes) but now more determined than ever to use up more polishes and stop buying them.  


OLD TOTAL: 215   


Added: 26 (worth: 50,86 Euros (61 Dollars, 42 Pounds))

Gone: 6 (worth: 22,84 Euros (26 Dollars, 19 Pounds))

Do you think it is possible to finish up 20 nail polishes by the end of the year?


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