Sunday, 17 April 2016

Project Pan Questionnaire

I´ve seen this TAG go around the Project Pan community and beeing an eager panner myself I couldn´t wait to participate. So without further we go!

Why did you start Project Panning?
I wanted to downsize my collection. Throwing out a bunch of products to go out and keep buying even more, seemed pointless. Then I came across “Project Pan” and I like the idea about actually using up products and getting all your money worth out of it.

What is the most rewarding part of Project Panning?
Seeing that empty pan, definitely!

What is the most challenging part of Project Panning?
Not getting frustrated if you done see a progress. Honestly eyeshadows and blushes just take me forever to use up. In contrast concealers or lip-glosses go much faster. The trick is to keep going, look for inspiration and don’t forget your goal in mind. Maybe even take a short break that helps too.

How many Project Pans have you done? Do you plan on doing more?
I have been project panning since 2013 (here and here are my latest two) and I am not planning on stop anytime soon - there are still A LOT of products to be used.

Are you also doing any other projects in addition to Project Pan?
I am currently doing a Project Polish (here). In the past I did a “Finish 6 by Christmas” (here) and I am considering doing a “Pan that Palette”.

Do you limit your spending or go on a No Buy while on Project Pan?
Not officially. But I have noticed that because of “Project Pan” I am more aware of the products that I own and how much it takes me to use them up, so I think twice before buying things.
Who are your favorite Project Panners to watch?
My favorites are Megsmakeup8, PrettyPistol 86, Amber F. and Courtney K. ... but honestly there are so many amazing girls in the project pan community that I love to watch it´s hard to pick just a few.

What is your #1 tip for a successful Project Pan?
Have fun with it! There is no point in using an eyeshadow you hate for 6 months, just so that you use it up. If you don’t like a product at all, don’t be afraid to get rid of it.

What is your goal for your makeup collection through Project Panning?
Apart from downsizing it, I would say to get a better about what products work best for me (color, consistency).

Who do you tag to do this questionnaire next?
If you decide to do this tag, please let me know in the comments I would love to read/watch it!


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