Friday, 28 October 2016

Second Update Project Polish 2016

This is my long overdue second update on my project polish. I have been making quite some progress on my project polish nail polishes as well as some additional items which I am quite happy about.

From left to right..

Ciate “Playdate”
I liked the formula of this polish a lot – reminded me of a gel nail polish. If the color would have bit a bit more vibrant perhaps I would have loved it even more. All in all a nice polish that was easy to use up.

Essie “Lovie Dovie”
I loved the color but I´ll admit the formula was not the best as I needed between 3-4 coats to get the opacity I wanted. Having finished this huge bottle ( makes me so happy and as pastel/nude pink shades are my favorite I have plenty others in my collection.

Revlon “Sequins” Top Coat
I got this as a gift with a purchase a long time ago. I really like the color of the golden glitter as it was not too warm toned. However at the end the polish was soooo goopy and difficult to use, I cannot say I am missing that at the moment. Glad to see it gone for now. 

Essie “Nice is nice”
This was a nice light lavender shade that I enjoyed using over summer. As I have other similar shades in my collection I am not sad to see this go but rather happy to have finished another polish. 

Basic “Multicolor” Glitter Top Coat
I can honestly say I would repurchase this immediately. I don’t think I have a clear multicolored glitter nail polish with those kind of sparkly almost holographic reflections so I am sad to see this one gone.

Essence “Crackeling” Top Coat
While this polish was not originally in my project polish I managed to finish it anyway. I loved this top coat and would purchase it again if Essence would still make it. Click here and here for some fun designs using this top coat.

These are the polsihes I am still working on...

Essence “Frosted Champaign”
Sadly I have only twice and I am not sure I like the color so much on my nails. There is probably 1-2 more applications in it, so I should manage to finish it until the end of the year.

Essie “Playa del Platinum”
Since the last update I think I have used this once. Then again, as it was spring and summer I was more in the mood of some fun summer shades rather than this one.

As I was able to finish quite some polishes I will be adding the following ones

MNY “306A”
I loved using this color over summer. As there is only one more application in here I decided to include this nail polish in my project even though winter is just around the corner and this is more of a summer polish.
Essence “Hazelnut Cream Pie”
A great nude shade with a very subtle blueish undertone.

Manhattan “46T”
I have been loving this plum colored nail polish lately. I figured out that since I was reaching for it quite often I could include it in this project.

My next update will be my project polish finale where I hopefully will be able to show you my progress on my remaining polishes. Wish me luck panning!



  1. wowi just found your blog while searching for project polish, cause i am really enjoying painting my nails lately. I have almost a year that i begin painting my nails an i am really into this . for a year i have collected 40 nail polishes. I am currently living in germany and i am amzed of the drugstore polishes here. I have lana del rey album playing while reading all your blog updates through years.

  2. I really enjoy painting my nails as well. Any colors you have been loving lately?