Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Monthly Empties: October 2014

Nivea "sunny melon" shower gel // 250ml //~£2
I love melon (and coconut) scented products and this one is great. It’s not a very strong melon fragrance but it smells really nice and does a good job at moisturizing my skin (or at least at not drying it up). The only thing I missed is the foam which is probably missing due to the little oil beads in it. Anyway, it’s a great product which I definitely would repurchase.

Johnsons & Johnsons face wash // 200ml //~£3
There is nothing bad I can say about this face wash. It cleaned my face well and didn´t dry it up which is alwayls a plus. Would I repurchase it? Maybe. Right now I am looking forward to trying out other ones out there, like the hot cloth cleanser from Soap and Glory which so far I have been really enjoying.

Simple soothing eye balm //15ml //
I would say that this eye cream has a very light consistency, almost liquid. I wish it would be a bit more thicker. I really like the packaging because I think it’s more sanitizing to squeeze product out of a little tube rather than to dig your finger into a little jar. Overall not a bad product but nothing I was really impressed with.

Clinique gel moisturizer // 7ml // ?
Again I don´t think this is a bad product but it´s nothing I would repurchase at the moment. I used this mostly over summer, whenn I wanted a light moisturizer, now that winter is around the corner I need something more moisturizing if you know what I mean. 

E45 Moisturizing Lotion // 200ml // ~£3
The lotion claims to "soften and smooth your skin" and I can 100% agree with it. My skin did feel super soft and smooth after applying this lotion yet for some funny reason it didn´t feel like it was moisturizing it. I know it may sound weird, but I felt like that soft smooth feeling was only temporary. Not sure if I would repurchase it. 

Ponds cold cream // 50ml // ~£5
I bought this cream because I saw that Dulce (DulceCandy87) used it in her night time skin routine to take off her make-up and I wanted to try it out. While it does take off my face makeup nicely I had a really hard time removing my eye makeup, especially my mascara (which by the way is not waterproof). I will say that the cream leaves my skin feeling very soft and moisturized but I need to use an additional eye makeup remover, I wouldn´t repurchase it.

TRESemme split remedy hair masque // 300ml // ~£5
I am constantly trying out different hair masques. This one was ok. It honestly didn´t do anything great but also anything bad (like drying out my hair or so). Would I repurchase it? Probably not.

What have you used up this month?

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