Thursday, 15 January 2015

Germany Haul aka Catrice Haul

A couple of days ago I went to visit some friends in Germany and of course I had to stop by the drugstore and check out one of my favorite make-up brands: "Catrice".

About an hour later my basket was full and my wallet empty, but I don´t regret it. I haven’t purchased in a while and unfortunately I don´t have a Catrice counter nearby, so I indulged myself during this trip. Anyway let me show you what I ended up getting.

What did I purchase?

Ultimate Stay Lipstick "Plum and Base" (4,99€)
Finally I can call this beautiful lipstick mine! I have wanted to try it, ever since it came out months ago. I absolutely love the design of the packaging, it´s a timeless sleek matt black tube, which just looks very elegant. The lipstick color is a relative dark blue toned berry color with a satin matt finish that lasts easily 3-4 hours on my lips. I am still on the “trying out” process but so far I love it!

All Matt Plus foundation in "010 Light Beige" (6,49€)
This was more or less an impulse buy but the color matches my skin and the price my wallet. My first impression is good. It definitely has a matt finish and stays on your face for around 6-8hs. We will see want the long-run test says.

Lash/Brow definer (2,99€)
I needed a new brow gel and decided to give this one a try. Let´s see how it works!

Liquid metal eye shadow "Gold leaf me" (3,95€)
“Gold leaf me” is a beautiful metallic olive green shade which to me was reason enough to buy it. If it applies as nice as it swatches I will be super happy with my purchase.

Liquid metal eye shadow "Gold n´roses" (3,95€)
This is another product I wanted to try out for a while and now I finally got it. “Gold n´roses” is a rose-gold shade I cannot wait to play around with it.

Limited Edition Baked eye shadow "Lovely Lace" (3,95€)
A dirty golden greenish color and and definitly an impulse buy. So far though, no regrets.

Liquid Metal Gel Eye Pencil "Blingo Starr" (3,29€)
I must say that this gel eyeliner has a super smooth consistency and the color just impressed me so much in store. It is a silver-gold shade which is quite unique if you ask me. I plan to use in the inner corner or even as a base all over the lid.

Liquid Liner Waterproof (3,79€)
The non-waterproof version is my favorite liquid liner so I wanted to give the waterproof version a try and see which one I like the most.

Ultimate Stay Lip liner "Boysenberry" (2,25€)
I bought this lip liner to go along with some of my raspberry lipstick shades. So far I am kind of disappointed because the pencil just feels really dry and I have to press quite hard on it to get it to show up on my lips.

Re-Touch Light Reflecting concealer "005" (3,99€)
What can I say... you can never have enough concealer and I love trying them out. Although 3,99 for only 1,5ml is quite expensive...

Limited Edition Lose Sparkles in "Soft Shimmer" (3,75€)
Super fine shimmer particles that I am not quite sure yet how I will use, but I liked them in store and I am sure I will find a purpose for them.

Have you purchased anything from "Catrice" lately?


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