Sunday, 4 January 2015

Monthly Empties: December 2014

Dove maximum protection deodorant // 45ml // ~£5
I really like the Dove "pomegranate verbena" shower gel which was one of the reasons why I decided to try this deodorant. While I liked the protection (white stains alert!) I wish the scent would have been more predominant. The scent was very subtle, almost too subtle if you ask me.

Lee Stafford hair treatment // 200ml //~£8
I am not sure if this treatment did anything to my hair. You are supposed to use it in between shampoo and conditioner, which I honestly find quite a hassle. My hair didn´t grow any faster and I think I prefer putting on a hair mask and skipping this additional step in the shower. No repurchase from my side.

Naked rescue conditioner // 250ml // ~£5
I liked this conditioner under the shower. It has a quite thick consistency and a very nice almond (+coconut?) smell. Once I rinsed this off my hair and stepped out of the shower my hair didn´t feel as nice as it normally does with other conditioners. I might give this conditioner another shot in the future but right now I don´t think I will repurchase it.

VO5 Gloss me smoothly shampoo // 500ml // ~£2-4
A solid shampoo, that lasted me a lifetime. This bottle has been in my shower for about a year and I can´t deny that I am happy it is gone. Won´t repurchase it anytime soon but that´s because I want to try out other shampoos not because I didn´t like it.

Rituals foot lotion (sample size, 50ml)
The foot lotion definitely smelled minty and I could feel a sort of cooling effect on my skin which was particularly nice during the warmer months.  Would I repurchase a full size? Probably not, because of the price.

Rituals body cream (sample size, 50ml)
This was a really nice body lotion. It provided enough moisture and had a nice fresh scent. Again, because of the price I don´t know whether I would repurchase it or spend my money on a Soap and Glory body butter instead. Perhaps I might splurge on this body cream in the future and get the full size, but for now I am good.

Rituals foaming shower gel (sample size, 50ml)
I know a lot of people that rave about the rituals foaming shower gels. After having tried this one, I must say I prefer the Foamburst ones.
The product comes out as a liquid and you need to start rubbing it onto your Skin in order for it to foam up. I felt that I was wasting product because the liquid went everywhere... Foamburst shower gels come out as a gel and foam up almost immediately, kind of like shaving gel. Would I repurchase it? I can’t justify spending around 7 pounds for a full size bottle, although the smell was divine.

 Did you finish some beauty products recently?


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